I consider myself very fortunate to be able to work from home.  Although I’m never sure what box to put myself in.  I’m a stay at home mum, but I’m also a working mum.  

My boys are 6 and 2, so the work at home mum bit is often a juggling act when there’s a toddler running riot, and the six weeks summer holidays are nearly upon us.

Here are my pros and cons to working from home:


I’m my own boss.  And I’m an awesome boss.  Need time off to get your hair done? No problem.  You did a great job today, here have some wine.  


There’s never enough hours in the day.  I work when the little one naps, and in the evenings.  If the little one refuses a nap and I have deadlines, then something has to give. Normally my dinner.  Until the little one is in pre-school it’s a difficult balancing act.


The flexibility of working from home means I’m always there for the school run and class assembly’s and sports days.  And without having to request time off, or endure the office politics when I leave on time and everyone else is working late.


My desk is next to the laundry basket.  It speaks to me when I am trying to work. Taunting me and making me feel guilty for it’s ever bulging contents.


I get to drink nice tea in a nice mug whilst I’m working.  Not crappy vending machine stuff in a paper cup. 


I don’t get a Christmas party or any office gossip, and at times the lack of adult conversation finds me talking to myself.  There’s also no IT helpdesk.  Just google, and my long suffering brother-in-law.


I get to choose my own office furniture and stationery.  No run of the mill post-it notes or paperclips for me!  My work space is my own and it’s a space that I love and inspires me.


Lakeland Furniture kindly sent me my office chair.  It’s technically a dining room chair, but it’s perfect my work space.  

I’ve been looking for a chair that didn’t look like it would be more at home in a corporate office.  The DSW Replica Dining Chair  is stylish and really comfortable.  

Image of a chair at a desk in a work from home environment

It also fits really nicely under my desk without any legs poking out and begging me to stub my toes on.

The chair comes in a range of colours and is priced at £49.99

Image of a chair at a desk in a work from home environment

Lakeland Furniture are kindly giving away a DSW Replica Dining Chair to one of my lucky readers.  Simply click on the image below to take you the giveaway.

Colage of images if the lakeland chair at a desk in a work from home environement

The box it came in was also a huge hit with the little one!
Image of child crawling into a large box
We were sent the DSW Replica Dining Chair from Lakeland Furniture for the purpose of this post. 

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