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My best friend and I used to walk to school together every day.  Actually we used to run to school every day because she was always running late.  We only ever slowed down as we approached our friendly lollipop lady who would assist us safely across the road.  As they do. Once safely across we would shout goodbye and resume our frantic running.  


School run perils


I never thought about it at the time, but looking back now it must have given our parents so much reassurance to know that there was someone assisting us across the main road.  I think about this now because I have been doing the school run as a parent for nearly two years. There are many perils that we face daily.  The main one’s being that there is a high likelihood that someone will step in dog poo, and having to retrace our steps as the little one has successfully removed and discarded sock/shoe/hat/gloves/all of the above.


sods laws


But in all seriousness the thought of the big one walking to school by himself makes me nervous.  I know we are a long way off yet, although if he had his way he would be doing now because, “I know the way Mummy, and I am grown up now.”  he is 6!  


What makes me nervous is him crossing the road.  No longer will he slip his hand in mine as we practice our green cross code before we step of the curb.  And neither will I have the reassurance of the brightly dressed lollipopper helping him cross the busy 4 way junction.  Our school doesn’t have one.  In fact many schools don’t.


Since a UK legislation passed in 2000 that means it is no longer a legal requirement for schools to have a lollipopper, the number of people performing the role has been declining.  At the same time the number of children filling our schools is growing.


The Road Safety Charity states that the highest rates of child pedestrian casualties in the UK occur on the school run.  It’s a fact that probably doesn’t come as a surprise if you’ve done the school run.  Our school is an inner city school.  The main road is very busy, and from what I have witnessed the 20 is Plenty signs are pretty much ignored.


In a recent study conducted by Churchill, 95% of parents stated they would feel safer with a lollipopper present on the school run.  91% of parents felt lollipoppers were safer than a zebra crossing.  However 32% of those parents stated that their school lollipopper had been removed.            


Churchill want to redress this balance and make our children’s journey to school safer.  That’s why they want to give funding to 50 schools to have their own lollipopper.  I’ve nominated our school.  You can nominate yours too by clicking on the link below.  it’s really quick and easy to do.  It could make your child’s journey to school safer.  And who doesn’t love seeing the ray of sunshine that is the lollipopper everyday.


School Run Perils 



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Claire Kirby

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  1. Hope you get your lollipopper. The streets around our school are fraught with danger twice a day. Thoughtless parents putting their own parking needs in front of safety. Im forever memorising registeration numbers of speeding cars by tbe zebra crossing. My black list is long. Jo x

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