My social media drug of choice is facebook. I’ve always felt at home there. Felt that I can be myself, and my voice is heard.

Twitter has never done it for me. Too fast, too limiting, too stressful. I can’t take a leisurely stroll through twitter. And why say something in 280 characters when you can use all of the words. No, Twitter and I have never really got on.

Sometimes however facebook can lose it’s appeal and I find myself needing a break. Attention seeking statuses, “share this if your son is awesome,” and the trolling that goes on, can leave me one eye roll away from retina detachment. So I find myself being drawn into the world of Instagram.

The world of perfection…

Instagram is so very pretty and shiny and it’s incredibly easy to lose an hour watching people you don’t really know ramble on stories. And I don’t know why but the ads on instagram seem like stuff I really need, and rather than being annoyed by them I find myself clicking on them. Instagram is so very seductive.

But the thing is life isn’t all beautiful peonies and glossy interiors. Life is beautifully imperfect and sometimes has a dull lustre to it. And it’s certainly a lot messier than Instagram would you have you believe. I mean your living room is beautiful, but where is all the plastic crap that comes with having small people living in your home? And how has the beautiful vase not been used as a weapon by the 5 year old practising their ninja skills? And whilst your craft station is the stuff of Marie Kondo’s dreams, are you aware that the pens are right there is plain sight of the three year old standing next to your immaculate white wall, that some might call a blank canvas.

Often I find myself feeling short changed on instagram. It’s hard to find the real and authentic voices in amoungst the beautiful and curated to perfection feeds.

My relationship with Instagram…

Instagram at best for me doesn’t always feel real. At worst I can feel like the uncool kid being picked last for PE again. It’s a fantasy world but the dangerous side is it is being sold to us as real.

Then there’s the fact there are apps out there that allow people to automatically like your pictures. I get that it can be a great tool for busy influencers. But when you are working hard to be genuinely authentic, an automatic like from someone who hasn’t even looked at your image or read your words, can feel rather fake.

There is also the fact that it is a notoriously hard platform to gain followers on. Making you feel like you are constantly playing catch up to everyone else. And knowing you are never going to make it as you wheeze along with a stitch in your side, waving goodbye to the brand work as they pass you by hot on the latest style heels of the big influencers.

Where does that leave me…

I’m aware I may sound bitter, and I don’t mean to be. I am quite happy here in my corner of the internet doing my thing. I am also aware of how incredibly hard the top influencers work. It’s not the easy job some people make it out to be. I just worry about the standards of perfection we are becoming accustomed to and how attainable they really are.

Ultimately after being drawn into the beautiful world of Instagram, I can find myself feeling not quite good enough, so head back to facebook with the slightly less cooler kids who accept me for who I am, and also do their best to get out of cross country running.

It’s safe to say that if I had to define my relationship with Instagram, it would definitely be, It’s Complicated!

I want to end this post on a positive, so thought I would share my top Instagram accounts who are authentic and beautifully imperfect. They are the reason I can’t quite walk away from my relationship with Instagram.

Island Living 365

Emma is documenting the effects of being diagnosed with bowel cancer. She does so with honesty, humour and raw emotion and is quite simply inspiring. She was also all those things before the diagnosis, but I genuinely believe she will be helping so many people living with cancer right now.

Toby and Roo

I love Harriet for her honesty on everything, including the hot issues of the day. She is unapologetically herself and cuts straight through any false perfection. She is relatable, humorous and a welcome voice on my feed.

Brummy Mummy of 2

I couldn’t write any list of my favourites without including Emma. She’s my all time favourite and to not include her would feel like I was being unfaithful or something. Basically Emma is the best at being real. If you are looking for authentic she’s your number one girl.

Mum Muddling Through

I simply love how Sarah fits her life into these squares. Her images always stand out and her captions are always genuine. Whether she is having a good day or a bad day she shares her honest thoughts and feelings and is always true to herself, never pretending or trying to be anything else.


Megan’s feed makes me smile everyday. She genuinely helps me to feel good about myself. And in a world of social media that can often do the opposite, that’s no mean feat. We all need Megan in our life.

Mother to a t-rex

Brilliantly funny and honest. Sarah is as authentic as they come. I really want this girl to be my friend. When you watch her stories, it kinda feels like she is. Always keeping it real, and always making me laugh.

What’s your relationship with Instagram? Know any other authentic gems who keep it real that I can follow?

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My relationship status with instagram is complicated.  It's a love hate thing.  It's beautiful and shiny, but it's also an unachievable portrayal of affection.  I search for the authentic people to follow who keep it real.




Claire Kirby

1 Comment on My relationship with Instagram: It’s Complicated

  1. Ahhh Claire! I was just reading and nodding along and then i was like, hold on, that’s me! So touched. X x Instagram is a strange one – I’ve lost loads of followers since I talked more about not drinking and would you believe it, Disney lol. The secret to Instagram though, it’s taken me a long time to realise, is that like any connection, it’s better to have less followers who champion YOU than loads of followers to a totally unauthentic feed. Here’s to saying Byeeee and rising above the numbers game.
    You keep being you Claire, that’s what we all love and why you are an AWARD WINNING BLOGGER x x x

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