A few days after Christmas I was lamenting that we had far too many devices in our home. Little got his first tablet for Christmas, and Big got his first phone. And what with Alexa’s and various other devices it’s fair to say we are getting our moneys worth from our broadband.

Yet fast forward a few weeks, and two days into home schooling the kids again during a pandemic and I was beginning to wonder if we had enough! At one stage we had three laptops and two tablets on the go, three of which were in different zoom meetings!

too many devices

How many devices is too many devices?

Both the kids get 30 minutes screen time after school. Little (6) on his tablet, Big (11) on either his tablet or his laptop. We supervise what they are doing during this time. In addition to this Big gets up to an hour on his X-Box six nights a week, once Little is in bed. But being I think I am quite strict when it comes to screen time, how come we have so many devices, and could we do without any of them?

Tablets: 5

I think this is excessive. The kids have one each. The husband has two, one of which is very old and on its last legs, and we now have Big’s old one in the kitchen to use for recipes when we are cooking. That last one is probably excessive!

Computers: 4

I have a desktop and a laptop and I use both for work. The husband has a work laptop, and Big has his own laptop which I think will be vital when he starts secondary school in September. I don’t think we could reduce this number at all. Click here for some great deals on Lenovo laptops.

Echo Dot: 7

That sounds a lot doesn’t it! We basically have them in every room bar the bathrooms. But in our defence they are used to play music. A lot! And also to make announcements such as “kids it’s dinner time”.

Personally I have a lot of beef with Alexa. She never listens to anything I say. But I love listening to music, and this is how we do it nowadays!

Phones: 4

The husband and I each have a phone. Now Big does too, which is something I am still getting used to. We also have a very old phone minus the sim card which the kids use to make stop motion videos.

TV’s: 1

I’m rapidly losing count of the streaming packages we have for the one television set, but it is just the one. I hate TV’s in bedrooms, and it always works well when the kids ask if they can have their own TV’s and we say, no, we don’t even have our own TV! Plus with all the laptops and tablets it’s not like we are short of screens to watch things on!

Games Consoles: 4

I think! I’m really not into gaming in any way. Big has his X-Box and a DS, although I don’t remember the last time he picked up his DS. We have a very old Wii that very occasionally gets used, and an even older PS2 which I don’t think has been turned on since the birth of Big eleven years ago. So actually in terms of consoles that get used, it would be fairer to say one and a half!

Digital Detox

Don’t get me started on the smart plugs and smart bulbs! Oh and the Kindles! Then there is the draw just for the charging cables.

We have a rule of no games consoles on a Monday, and no screens for the kids before bed time. I think we should enforce this rule on ourselves. This year I am trying to be conscious about time spent online. It’s difficult during the pandemic as there’s not much going on in the real world! I am seriously tempted to start having a phone in the drawer day every weekend. and having a mini digital detox once a week.

What if we could only have one device?

If I could only keep one bit of tech, I thought it would be my phone, but actually I think the one thing I would hate to be parted from is my laptop. But then again, if you take my Echo Dots I can’t listen to music. I can’t choose, it’s too hard!

How about you? What tech could you not bear to be parted with? Do you think there is such a thing as too many devices?

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Claire Kirby

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  1. hahaha! I thought the same after Christmas, that we had too many devices but this past week we would have struggled without the laptops, tablets and phones. It is crazy how many electronics we have in our house.
    I think I would be lost without my laptop.

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