I think it’s fair to say the Corona virus pandemic has taken us all on an emotional roller coaster. But what I find utterly exhausting is the conflict. It’s everywhere. In the government, in the news, on social media, and in my head. And it’s the Corona conflict that is causing the overwhelm. The knot in my stomach and the lump in my throat.

Corona conflict

The Government

I didn’t vote for this government. I can’t see a time in my life when I would ever vote for the Conservative party. They are the reason I donate to food banks every month. And I shouldn’t have to donate to food banks every month. I could give you so many other reasons why the Conservative party will not get my vote, but it’s irrelevant. It’s irrelevant because this is a global pandemic and politics need to be left at the door.

We need to listen to what the scientists are telling us and do as the government advise. Because I can guarantee that these scientists know more than Bob off facebook who used to light his farts with the bunson burner in science lessons.

Mistakes have been made without doubt. But this is an unprecedented situation. We cannot say that any other party in power wouldn’t have made mistakes. I don’t believe that arguing every decision the government makes helps anyone’s state of mind.

I thought we were a divided country after Brexit. But now! There’s nothing united about the United Kingdom.

Can we bring back clap for carers? Without making it all political. Can it just simply be a way for communities to come together and be united in saying thank you to all the amazing people working on the front line. Can it just be a way to bring the country back together again.

The News

I’ve lost a lot of respect for journalists during this pandemic. It’s a time when we need calm level headed journalism with facts. Instead we have had sensationalism and click bate headlines all adding to the Corona conflict.

“Close the schools”

“Re-open the schools”

“How dare you re-open the schools, it’s not safe”.

There have been times when I have watched a government briefing and read the headlines afterwards and questioned whether the journalists watched the same thing as I did.

I’ve heard so many people say the government advice is confusing. And if you read the headlines it is completely confusing. You can’t rely on the news to give you the correct information. It just muddies the waters. Go the government website for the truth.

Journalists have a responsibility, but I feel they have just whipped the country into a crazed frenzy of Corona conflict. Paying another scientist to tell you why the other scientist is wrong so you can get a headline isn’t responsible. It undermines the credibility of the advice we all need to follow.

I’ve dealt with this conflict by following @byvivkysmith . Vicky used to be a journalist. She uses her insta stories to break down the headlines and explain thing calmly, concisely, and using actual facts! She has been a voice of reason throughout this whole pandemic.

Social Media

Social media, the breeding ground for Corona Virus conspiracy theories. Here’s why I am not buying into any of this ‘the government are trying to control us with microchips’ bull shit:

1 They can’t organise an effective test and trace system for those testing positive. How the hell can they organise the tracking of everyone?

2 The monumental level of secrecy involved is ludicrous and laughable. See the above paragraph about journalists and their desire for a headline. This would be sniffed out and on the front pages faster than Megan Markle can file a law suit.

3 I’ve worked in council offices. They are not exactly using the latest technology. Bet you have tins in the back of your cupboard newer than the PC’s government offices use. They do not have the technology required to pull this off.

4 WHY?

I can no longer deal with the corona conflict of social media. It makes me feel rage. Anyone spouting off conspiracy theories in my feed is simply muted now. I don’t have to listen.

My Head

I wish I could mute my head…

I want to hug my family but I don’t want to make them sick.

I’m worried school is not safe, but I am also worried about my kids falling behind with their education.

This extra time I have had with my family is amazing, but I want all this to be over.

I’m fed up, this totally sucks and it’s not fair. But I am healthy and have a roof over my head and I am with people who love me.

I’m so relieved to have some peace now the kids are back at school. But I feel anxious that they are not here with me.

The conflict of emotions is huge and exhausting. I don’t cope well with unknowns. I like to have a plan. That’s just who I am and how my mind works. When there is no plan and I don’t know what’s going to happen. my mind goes into overdrive and its hard to slow it down.

My favourite place to be at the moment is in the garden when it’s dark and everything is still. I find the noise stops and it’s just calming. The husband and I have also turned into OAPS and spend our Friday and Saturday nights doing jigsaws. Again, it’s peaceful and calming and occupies my mind on something other than WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON, WHEN WILL ALL THIS END!

I have followed the guidelines through out all of this. And I will continue to do so. I do it to protect my family and loved ones. Because my husband has taken a pay cut and we need to protect his job. I do it because my Dad has been waiting for knee surgery for over a year and is in constant pain. So that my Auntie and Uncle will be able to fly to Australia to meet their first grandchild. I do it for you and your family.

If you haven’t been effected by Corona Virus, then you probably know someone who has. I just wish it didn’t feel like everything was at conflict.

We’re all on this roller coaster together. I just think I liked it more when there were rainbows involved.

Corona conflict

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Claire Kirby

8 Comments on Corona Conflict

  1. The media haven’t covered things very well. They seem more interested in attracting views / clicks. The tracking seems to be failing too although we were assured it would be gold coated and covered in diamonds. It’s all very frustrating.

  2. These are such strange times. I really agree about the conflict. This morning, the government are being battered for the 10pm closing of pubs. Surely, they did it because they thought it was going to help, as they wouldn’t want to do further damage to the economy. Feels like its any excuse to argue!
    (The part about Bob lighting his farts with a bunsen burner really made me giggle)

  3. I think it’s really hard to say the government aren’t doing the right thing. As you say, we don’t know what another party would have done. It’s not something any of us has been through before.

  4. It is so hard on everyone. I have friends who are conspiracy theorists and keep inviting me to join groups I have people arguing… I just need to try and ignore social media now.

  5. Like you I am a rule follower anyway and if I am told to do certain things that could help then I will. I have given up with the news now. I don’t read papers and I skip past social media posts. It is a huge, crazy mind fu%$!!

  6. I’m sick of it all too. I’m perhaps not as anxious and a bit more what will be now. I also refuse to stop it letting me get out and about as long as I follow the rules. Sending love though as it’s toughj x

  7. Thank you so much for mentioning my Insta here! I’m so glad it’s been useful. These have been strange times and its definitely best to keep a clear head right now xx

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