It’s that time of year again where I need you to vote for me.  And I know there’s a lot of people asking for your vote right now, and quite frankly they are much more important than me.  But I can promise you your future does not depend on the outcome of this particular vote.  There is no Brexit, no fracking, and no voting scandals.  

I’m simply asking for you to click on the badge below and vote for me in the Readers Choice category for the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Award.

I found it quite hard to see a category that best suited me this year.  I am not a crafty mum, Pinterest makes me want to weep.  I try to post nice photos, but it’s far more luck than judgement!  I figured I’m either ‘Family’ or ‘Readers Choice’.  If you want to nominate me in both, I really won’t complain!

I love writing this blog.  It’s given me some wonderful opportunities and enables me to work from home, meaning I get to do the school run every day.  That’s not always a perk though!


But what I love most is when I write a post and people comment to say “Thank god it’s not just me”.  When I can make people laugh, sometimes cry.  When I lay my heart on the line and you lot come back with a huge wave of support.

Parenting has so many highs and lows, but I hope I have created a little space where you can come and not feel judged, or alone, but know that we are in this together through the good and the bad.  Exploding nappies, tantrums, first words and first loves. 

So if you don’t mind sparing a few minutes to fill in the form, it would make me very happy. Just click on the image below, enter your details where asked and then scroll down to Readers Choice.  You don’t have to fill in all the boxes.  The main things are:

Blog Name: Life Love and Dirty Dishes

Blog URL:

Here are a few of my top posts from this year so far, in case you need some more persuasion…

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