This is just a little note from me to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I’m winding down for the Christmas break now.  I’ll be spending the next few days wrapping a mountain of presents, drinking a lot of wine, and watching my small people bounce off the walls with excitement.  

Excuse me whilst I get a little self indulgent and gushy, but it is Christmas!  It’s been an amazing year for Life, Love and Dirty Dishes.  At the end of last year my post ‘We Are Not Rivals‘ was listed as number 12 in the Huffpost’s 20 most read posts of the year.  I didn’t think I would top that.  

At the start of the year I registered as self employed.  I’ve worked with some great brands including Netflix and Tappy Toes.  I got to meet some fantastic blogging friends at Britmums and I was shortlisted down to the final 10 for a BIB award.  

I also launched my loving me series.  A really personal series about my battle with body confidence that I was terrified to do, but has really helped me overcome some demons.  I’m quite proud of myself for being brave enough to put it out there!

None of my achievements would be possible without you stopping by to read, share and comment, so a really big and heartfelt thank-you.

I would also like to give a big shout out to the amazing bloggers who link up to #FridayFrolics every week, ensuring my week always ends on a high with plenty of giggles.  And to my co-hosts who took a chance and came on board this year, Lucy and Emma.

I will be sharing some throwback posts everyday on my facebook page, so please make sure you are following!

Here are a few highlights of the year from the three people who inspire everything I do…

A final thanks to Aby from You Baby Me Mummy for being a blogging guru and sharing fantastic advice.  And to my blogging friends who are always there for giggles and moans, Absolutely Prabulous, Mess Stress & Fancy Dress, Island Living 365, Mum Muddling Through, Motherhood The Real Deal and Just Saying Mum.

In the meantime I am going to leave you with my 10 most read posts this year.

Enjoy the festivities.

Merry Christmas.

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Top Ten Most Read Posts of 2016


One: The Toddler-o (A Mummy’s Alternative to The Gruffalo)

So I re-wrote The Gruffalo.  Every now and then this post gets shared and gets a big resurgence.  That’s why it is still my most read post.



Two: To The New Mum Who Has it Nailed After Two Weeks And Thinks The Rest of us Are Lazy

I got angry over a facebook post that was doing the rounds.  I wrote about it.  The post went crazy.  This is probably the post I am proudest of, because of the comments I had back from new mums saying I had made them feel ‘normal’.  

New Mum's Rant Thumbnail


Three: Top 5 Misdemeanors of Topsy & Tim

This kids program drives me up the wall!  Mostly because of smug faced mummy.  I had a little rant about it and it appears most of you agree!

Topsy & Tim Thumbnail


Four: 10 Things You Can’t Do When You’re 9 Months Pregnant

I think people click on this looking for genuine advice about what you can’t do in pregnancy.  I don’t really do advice, but all of these are very true.

Can't do When Pregnant thumbnail 

Five: Being a Mother

I loved writing this post.  It was part of a guest series for the brilliant Talya at Motherhood: The Real Deal.  It’s my definitions of what being a mother means to be.  Warning: It gets a bit soppy!

Being a mother


Six: The Luxury of Being a Stay at Home Mum

Apologies but this is another rant.  Some people need to check the dictionary for the definition of luxury!

Luxury Thumbnail


Seven: Is Topsy’s Hair a Wig? And Other Burning Questions

I get a lot of traffic from google searches about Topsy & Tim because of the little rant I had.  This post details the top questions people ask about the twintastic duo. 

Burning Questions Thumbnail


Eight: We Are Not Rivals

Sometimes I spend hours writing a post and only my husband reads it.  Other times I can produce something in under an hour and my page views go through the roof.  This post was number 12 in Huffpost’s most read posts of 2015.  Not bad as it was published in the October.  I’m quite proud of that.

mummy war


Nine: If Mummy Pig Wrote a Blog

I’ve seen enough of that sodding pig to last me a life time.  So much so that I now have my own grown up version in my head where Mummy pig writes a blog.

muddy-puddles thumbnail


Ten: 10 Must Have Items For Toddlers

Again, please don’t click on this looking for helpful advice.  I don’t do that.

Toddler Must Haves Thumb nail

My favourites that didn’t make it into the top ten, were my posts about nits and playing cars. 

Nits Thumbnail

Rules for Playing Cars Thumbnail



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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well Claire! I wanted to reach out and tag you with the Mystery Bloggers Award. You are an inspiring writer, finding all the funny in the chaos of motherhood and I love that! Also I am a major fan of your linky, Friday Frolics. So thank you, Mazel Tov, and have a very Happy New Year! xoxo

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