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At the end of June this Blog will be two years old.  Something that I started with not much clue about what I was doing, has now become my job.  And it’s the best job I’ve ever had.  Aside from the job of being a mum, but the pay really sucks for that one.  

It can be really hard to explain what I do to non-bloggers.  Essentially I get paid to write.  But what brands also want is my page views and social networks which I invest a lot of time into building.  There’s a lot more to blogging than just writing blogs.  

Over the last two years I’ve gotten to know a lot of other bloggers, through their blogs and online chats.  It’s an amazing community, and a very sportive one.  We share each other’s work and answer each others questions.  Some of these people have actually become my friends, even though we have never actually met.  

At the end of June I am attending my first blogging conference.  BritMums Live.  I am thrilled to be able to tell you that my attendance to BritMums Live is being sponsored by the brilliant Tappy Toes.  

Tappy Toes Toddler classes


Tappy Toes provide energetic and fun dance and movement classes for babies and toddlers, designed to improve co-ordination and teach basic movement through fun stories and music. (and wear them out enough so they have a nap and you get to drink a hot cup of tea) Tappy Toes run classes around the UK, and this Summer they will also be on board selected P&O Cruises, running their classes in the kids club.  To find out more about Tappy Toes, read my interview with founder Claire Greenwood.  To find classes in your area visit


Tappy Toes Tappy Toes









I am really excited about attending BritMums Live, but also, if truth be told, a little bit nervous.


Reasons I am excited:

  • I’m going away solo for two nights.  Two nights child free!  As a stay at home mum, I very rarely have time away from my kids, so when I do, it’s a chance to recharge, and rejoice at only having to carry around my crap.  Daddy is in charge for the weekend, which means I don’t need to worry about them.  I know they will be fine.  Although if you do see my kids out in public that weekend, just remember Daddy dressed them.   
  • I get to meet people.  The people I have had so many late night conversations with.  The people who have supported me.  The other bloggers I admire.  I get to day ‘hi’ in person!
  • I get to learn stuff.  I have learnt so much about blogging since I started, but there’s still more to learn.  I am looking forward to getting my geek on and taking notes and feeling like I am back at Uni again!
  • I’ve heard there will be wine.


Reasons I am nervous

  • I don’t have many conversations with people that don’t somehow revolve around poo, Lego or this weeks spelling list.  I’m not sure how I fare in the art of adult conversation these days!
  • I’m really bad at ice breakers and small talk.  Add to that I can be quite shy.  I’m a strange breed of shy in that I can quite happily stand in a room full of people and deliver a speech with confidence, (except for that one time in school when I stood up and introduced myself by the wrong name, yes, you read that right, I got my own name wrong.) but one-to-one I am quite introverted.  So if you do see me at Britmums and recognise me please come and say hi, I will always be grateful that you made the first move!
  • What do you wear to a blogging conference?


So to all my fellow bloggers who are heading to the conference, see you there!  Thanks to Tappy Toes whom I am very much looking forward to working with for the rest of this year.




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Claire Kirby

15 Comments on I’m Going to BritMums Live *waves*

  1. Hi Claire, you sound very like me, a blend of innie and outie. Most people will be feeling the same (apart from a few of the super-confident bloggers who’ve been going for years). I believe you when you say you introduced yourself by the wrong name, made me laugh as I did exactly the same but on a telephone in an office. Some nutter they thought. Please look out for me or lets arrange to meet for a quick ‘hi’ somewhere if not a green cocktail (there always seem to be those). x

  2. Yay! Looking forward to meeting you in real life. I think what’s weird is that often it’s hard to recognise people and some you might not even know what look like, but you know them and their blog so well.

    I agree, wear something comfortable. I love an opportunity to dress up though and will bring a change of clothes for the party in the evening (can you tell I don’t get out much).

    See you in a month’s time!

    Nadia – ScandiMummy x

  3. Tappy Toes looks like a fab company! I will be at Brit Mums (can’t wait to meet you) and I feel much the same! I am very excited about hotel and two nights in room, can’t wait! Although what do you wear to a conference? I don’t have a clue #thelist

  4. Don’t worry, Claire. BML was my first blogging event of any kind last year and I’m terribly shy and awkward socially but it turned out to be no problem at all. You get used to sidling up to people and announcing yourself with your name, blog and Twitter handle – you’ll be surprised how many people know you and even the ones who don’t are generally happy to chat. After all, we all have something very obvious in common.

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