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I hope you are well.  I just wanted to share some really exciting news with you.  No, it’s not a pregnancy announcement.  There will be no more of those.  It’s something exciting that I have been asked to do next weekend.  And whilst I am excited, I am also bricking it.

Next weekend I will be attending BritMums Live.  It’s a large blogging conference held in London.  It’s exciting for several reasons.  Firstly I get to meet lots of other bloggers that I regularly interact with.  Secondly the conference ends with the Brilliance in Blogging award ceremony, and my blog is a finalist Readers Choice category.  Thirdly, It’s a child free weekend talking to actual adults, not having to cook a single meal, not having to wipe any small people’s butts, or attempt to fathom the maths homework!  And Finally, my exciting news, (I’ve kept you waiting long enough) I have been asked by BritMums to be a key note speaker.

I am incredibly flattered and honoured to have been asked, and whist it is very exciting, it’s also been a while since I have had to do any public speaking.  I’m not sure shouting at my kid to, “Stop climbing UP the slide, slides are for sliding DOWN” at the park counts.  

I’ve given lots of presentations at university and throughout my career.  I’ve given speeches at weddings and read eulogys at funerals.  But this will be the biggest audience I have ever stood in front of.  It makes me a bit sweaty just thinking about it!

I haven’t practised yet.  Whenever I get a spare five minutes to run through it my brain goes into overdrive and this happens…

  • Must practice my key note.
  • What if I can’t reach the microphone?
  • What am I going to wear?
  • Must remember to pack my phone charger.
  • When am I going to find time to pack?
  • Crap, I still need to book by train tickets.
  • Oh god, I’m really nervous.
  • Nerves are good.  Adrenaline and all that.  I’m sure I’ve heard people say that.
  • What if I trip over on the stage?
  • I feel a bit sick.
  • How can I loose a stone in a week?
  • I need some chocolate.
  • I really must sort out what I am wearing.
  • Must remind the husband to make sure Big does his homework whilst I am away.
  • How am I going to stop my hands from shaking?
  • I really need some chocolate.
  • There are going to be so many people there.
  • Pep talk.  You can do this.  Just picture them all in their underwear.
  • OK, practice.
  • Crap, look at the time, need to do the school run.  I will pratice tomorrow. 


Anyway, that’s my news.  A big deal for me and my little blog.  So think of me on Saturday, and have a little drink to give me some dutch courage!  And please no spoilers about Strictly! As always a big thanks to you for reading and making all this possible.  

So any tips or advice on public speaking from someone who is a bit out of practice would be most welcome.

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Claire Kirby

15 Comments on I have some exciting news…

  1. Oh wow I missed this post Claire! Most definitely did not miss your brilliant speech though. You absolutely nailed it and you’re a comedy genius! It was an privilege to read alongside you. x

  2. Congrats, this sounds like it’ll be brilliant! I can totally relate to all your worries about that speech, but all that nervous energy goes a long way and I’m sure the response from your audience will be worth it #thelistlinky

  3. Congratulations! Can’t wait to see you read the post and hopefully meet in person. It’s my first BritMums and I also have absolutely no idea what to wear! Xx #thelistlinky

  4. Congratulations! You’ve been asked to speak for a reason – because you are ace and people want to hear what you have to say. That’s my pep talk. Also, you sound just like me in the “How am I going to lose a stone in a week, I need chocolate…” train of thought! Good luck. Knock ’em dead! #TheListLinky

  5. As someone who did exactly this at BML last year (with added singing), I’d say just to ignore the butterflies in your stomach and just enjoy the moment. The nerves will vanish once you’ve started. It’s your writing, you’ve been chosen for a reason and people will want you to do well and to listen to you. And if some don’t, sod them.

    Oh, and wine beforehand. I got that wrong last year and didn’t have any. D’oh.

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