When I was seven I wanted to be a hair dresser.  Then I saw Return to Oz and my girls world gave my nightmares, so that was the end of that dream.

When I was eleven I wanted to marry Jason Donovan.  Then he entered his drug phase and was no longer the boy next door, so that was the end of that dream.  I moved onto River Phoenix and we all know how that ends.  Moral of the story?  Drugs are bad.

When I was 14 I wanted to be a lawyer.  Then I went to a careers fair and a Solicitor told me it took ages to qualify, I would likely only deal with divorces and that it was nothing like LA Law, and so that was the end of that dream.


bucket list and dreams


Since I have been an official grown up, my dreams and bucket list have been less fickle.  It’s not a huge list.

1 Get married

2 Have Kids

3 Own a House

4 Have a body like Jennifer Lopez

5 Have a laugh like Julia Roberts

6 Write a book

7 Be Happy

I think it’s safe to say that number four and five are never going to happen.  But I can always dream.  As for number one, two and three, tick!  And number seven?  Mostly.  I love the life that the husband and I have made for ourselves.  



So that leaves number six. 

Write a book.  I have always loved writing, and I still have to pinch myself sometimes that I am making a living through this blog and freelance work.  But the book still alludes me.  I have countless notebooks with chapters unfinished.  Then there’s the difficult task of finding an agent and actually getting published.  Then there’s the problem of time.  I mean when is there ever enough hours in the day!  So for now, it’s still a dream.

However, I have realised part of that dream by being published in a fantastically funny book along with some of my all time favourite bloggers.  So today I am very happy, and very thankful to Michelle Tan for selecting a piece of my work to feature in the book.


The book features work from:

Island Living 365

This Mum’s Life

Mummy Muckups

Life is Knutts

Occupation Mother

Rhyming With Wine

So Happy In Town

A Life Just Ordinary

and more!

The book has a forward by the amazing Harriet Shearsmith from Toby & Roo


If there is one thing I have learnt in 39 years,

its that good things happen when you work hard to achieve them.  Dreams don’t just magically come true.  It’s more about grit and determination than it is fairy dust and sprinkles.  So we are all working really hard to make this book a success.  That’s where we need you to help.  Buy the book!


You can download it to your kindle now, or if like me you still love the feel of pages turning, you can order the paperback too.  If you really want to go above and beyond, you can leave us an awesome review on Amazon.


Thanks for your support.

Go and grab those things on your bucket list.

I’m off to work on my laugh






Claire Kirby

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