You know how on Xfactor the contestants use their hand as a phone and hold it to their ear, whilst mouthing “call me” and pointing to the number running across the bottom of the screen? Yes?  Well I’m kinda doing the equivilant of that now.  Or, if you prefer, imagine me jumping up and down waving my hands in the air shouting “pick me.  Pick me.  Ohh pick me.”

If you have read and enjoyed my blog, please nominate me in the BiB awards.  The more nominations bloggers receive, the better their chances of being shortlisted.

If you do I will be your best friend forever.  If we are already best friends, then why haven’t you voted for me already?

The categories to nominate me in are Writer and Family.  You can click on these images to take you to the nomination form.


The information you will be asked for is…

Name of Blog: Life Love and Dirty Dishes

Blog URL:

Twitter ID: @lifeloveanddd

And to provide a link to one of your favourite posts I have written.  You can of course choose whichever one you want, but here are some of my popular posts…

I apologise in advance for taking over your news feeds with begging and pleading for the next few weeks.  But if I am shortlisted I get to go out, actually out out for an evening!  And there’s wine. Plus, being an award winning blogger sounds pretty fancy 🙂 Pleeeeaaassseee vote for me, and share with all your friends.






Claire Kirby

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