So This Is Parenting

Why the Housework Can’t Wait

If there’s one piece of post childbirth advice that winds me up, it’s “The housework can wait”.  It remains a constant piece of advice given at any stage of your child’s life and I for one am calling bullshit on this particular wisdom. Why? Because quite simply it’s not true.  Of course prioritise those baby […] Read more…

Things that parents google

The Things That Parents Google

Before becoming a parent I googled normal things like; How many calories in a glass of wine?   Pictures of Gerard Butler.*  Is Bruce Forcythe still alive? Since becoming a parent my google history has changed somewhat, and I have found that the things that parents google are normally strange and often hilarious. I myself […] Read more…

laundry day problems

Laundry Day Problems

Back when our household consisted of me and the husband, I used to have a laundry day. Two loads on a Saturday between pottering around the house and going out for a bit of lunch and some retail therapy.  Now that two have become four, every day is laundry day, and it’s a never ending […] Read more…

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