If you are anything like me you have much crap in your house.  I blame the small people.  Before they came along I lived in a beautiful minimalist house.  Everything had it’s place and cupboards and drawers were closed without use of my entire body weight.  Now?  Every draw, cupboard, or shelf is crippled with the weight of the crap it is storing.  I make weekly trips to Ikea to buy more storage solutions, and I have an ongoing ‘sort out that particular cupboard’ rota.  I’m fighting a loosing battle.


There are however some amazing products out there.  Normally the really simple one’s that one of the Dragon’s  would make a whole heap of money from.  I like the ones that make my life easier, provide some fun for the family, or a bit of a treat for me.  If I love something I’ll write about it.  Ocassionally I get asked by companies to write a review and get to keep the product for doing so.  I may also be compensated for my work.  My reviews will always be honest, as none of us need any more crap in our lives!


Here are some products I have reviewed.  Just click on the image to read the review.   I hope they maybe of use to you…

Little Dish Thumbnail

Telegram Office Thumbnail




Alfie Book icon

high chair

Icon Nampa Forest




Kleenbots thumbnail




Serenata Thumbnail


Nampa Tivoli_cover










If you would like me to write a review for you please contact me at admin@lifeloveanddirtydishes.com






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