I don’t know many parents who are fans of kids magazines.  Personally I find them overpriced, they don’t entertain the kids for very long, and I don’t find that they encourage reading.  And don’t get me started on the cheap plastic tat that comes with them.  Which is also near on impossible to remove without tearing the magazine.

However when I heard about Storytime and it’s promise of ‘no plastic toys’ I was intrigued. And I’m happy to say that the magazine didn’t disappoint.


Storytime magazine review


The big one is 6 and is in year one at school.  He loves reading, so much so that his current ‘phase’ is having the subtitles on the TV!  I think it’s fair to say he can now read.  Which means we have to select adult themed birthday cards with more caution, and no more spelling words to my husband when he is in earshot.  The magazines are great for him because he can read them himself as well as us reading them to him.

From a parent’s point of view I liked the magazines because:

  • No plastic toys!
  • Reasonably priced.
  • A range of stories and poems to read.
  • An easy to read font for when my son is reading the magazine himself.
  • Simple fun activities (that don’t involve glue – always a winner with me!) 
  • Great illustrations
  • Good quality.  It doesn’t tear easily and will last.

Storytime magazine review


My only criticism is that from my sons point of view the covers were, and I quote: “For girls”. Right now he thinks girls are rubbish, and anything pink is to be treated with suspicion, unless it’s on top of a cake.  Still, it gave us an opportunity to talk about not judging a book by it’s cover!  And once he gave the magazines a chance he loved them.

Each magazine contains a famous fable, tales from around the world, poems and rhymes, storytellers corner, myths and legends, favourite fairy Tales, brilliant books, and more.  

The poems section was how I convinced the big one it wasn’t “just for girls”, as there was a poem called “Where Broccoli Comes From” by Michael Rosen.  He has read a few poems by Micheal Rosen at school, and always found them really funny.  Although I think I’m now grossed out by broccoli!  

I particularly liked the Brilliant Books section (a snippet from popular and classic books) as it gave me ideas of possible bedtime stories.  As much as I love Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, we are on its 10th read now (not including the times I read it as a child!)


Storytime magazine review


Another great thing about Storytime is that the business is a social enterprise.  To quote Storytime:

Profit is reinvested to support parents in spending more time reading with their children, and to work with schools, councils and other organisations to improve the literacy of families across the UK

There are various subscription types, but the best value is a direct debit payment of £33.99 for 12 issues which works out at around £2.83 per magazine. 

You can find out more about Storytime at their website, storytimemagazine.com.


We were given a subscription to Storytime magazine in exchange for an honest review.


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