…Grandma we do

Sorry.  I’ve put that song in your head now and you are going to be singing it all day.  Is it always in a really high pitched voice in your head as well?

What got me singing Grandma We Love You was a book we got sent to review.  Alfie and Grandma by Shirley Hughes. We are a big fan of the Alfie books in my house.  The big one loves them, so I’m sure the little one will follow suit.  I used to read the Shirley Hughes books when I was little.  There’s something very special about sharing something from your childhood with your own children.

Alfie Book

I love the Alfie stories because they always feel so real.  It’s always Alfie’s point of view that comes across.  You see the story through Alfie’s eyes.  For me what makes the Alfie books so unique is the beautiful illustrations by Shirley Hughes.

The big one has a best friend who happens to be called Alfie.  When he was 2 we went on holiday with Alfie (and his parents!)  After the holiday the big one was really missing his best friend and the only way to appease him was to read Alfie Gets in First.  Over. And over.  And over.  And over.  Seriously, I read it that many times I could do it with my eyes closed.

Alfie and Grandma has three Alfie adventures all centered around time at his Grandma’s house.  The stories are; Looking for Winnie, A Journey to the North Pole, and Lost Sheep.   They are told in that unique Shirley Hughes way and are once again full of the iconic illustrations.  Fans of the Alfie books will love this little collection.

big bookworm

The big one enjoyed the three stories, although after reading Looking for Winnie (without giving too much away, Winnie is a tortoise) he declared that he wanted a pet tortoise himself.  Why do I always go blank when that kid puts me on the spot? Apparently “I don’t know where to buy tortoises from” doesn’t cut it, because 5 year olds evidently do know.

He has also been inspired to go on an expedition at his Nana’s house just like Alfie does in A Journey to the North Pole. Mainly because there was a mention of a picnic, with biscuits.  I know his Nana will be more than happy to oblige.  Nana’s picnics are the best.

The stories show the special bond between Alfie and his Grandma.  Whether your child had a Grandma, a Nana, a Nanny or a Granny, I’m sure they have a unique and special relationship.  Alfie and Grandma would make a lovely little gift for your child to give their Grandma this mothers day.

The book is available from Amazon for £6.99

Click here to see a video of Shirley Hughes talking about an ordinary little boy called Alfie.

Bookworm in the Making
Bookworm in the Making


Altogether now… Grandma we love you, Grandma we do.  (Does anyone actually know any more words to the song?)

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