Today is Blue Monday.  Apparently the most depressing day of the year.  So here are my top 5 things that cheer me up when I feel blue…


1 Chocolate
Do I need to say anymore? Chocolate is always there for you.  And it doesn’t judge you.


2 Stationery
I know it’s a bit geeky but I love stationery. Like really love stationery.  The husband bought me some gel pens the other day and I was as over the moon as when he bought me a diamond necklace.  Diamonds may be some girls best friend, but stationery is mine.  I know, it’s sad.


3 Tunes
Is there anything better than being alone in the car belting out your favourite tunes. It’s good for the soul.  In my head I can give Adele a run for her money any day of the week.


4 Pamper Time
There is so much less ‘me’ time when you become a parent that having time to paint my nails is like a day at the spa. Luxury.


5 Family Fun
I love going for a walk with the boys around our local common. Normally there are wheels involved in the form of a bike or a scooter. But the boys get to run free and burn of some energy, and when we get home we can warm up with a hot chocolate, which kind of takes me back to number 1!



What brightens your day?

Thanks to Wynsors For sending me these amazing goodies to beat Blue Monday and these New Balance trainers for the husband.





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