We need some routine back in our lives.  The last week of the school holidays has dragged a bit.  We have run out of money / inspiration / energy to do things.  I’m exhausted.  Whilst I am feeling very emotional about H’s first day at school I am looking forward to having O to myself, for order being restored and to having a clean house!

Have you read those blogs that tell you the house work can wait and enjoy your children when you have the chance.  Well let me tell you the housework can’t wait.  If I didn’t do it little O wouldn’t be able to roll around on the floor because of the trail of crumbs that H leaves wherever he goes (even when he has no food).  We wouldn’t be able to eat because I wouldn’t be able to move in my kitchen due to the mountain of washing up.  Do these people realise how many bowls and cups kids get through in one day?  That’s not to mention having nothing to wear because the washing hasn’t been done.  And what about cleaning the toilets?  Do you really want to go in there if I haven’t cleaned it.  I have a 4-year-old who is easily distracted and doesn’t have the best aim.  Are they suggesting I do it after the kids are in bed.  Those precious few hours where I can just sit, my partner and I can have an uniterupted conversation.  That’s my time.  No in my house the housework cannot wait, not unless you want a very stressed out mummy.

I’m ranting because I’ve had a bad day (not helped by the fact that my house is a mess because I haven’t had time to do the housework).  O did the mother of all nappies, not only did it leak, but when I tried changing him he decided to lay on his front instead of his back.  Messy.  Whilst I was trying to wrestle O into his clean nappy H decided to throw the mother of all tantrums because I said ‘no’.  He screamed at a deafening decibel in dolphin frequency for a good 10 minutes.  This was before 9am.  The day didn’t get much better.  H’s mood didn’t improve and everything was done at a snail’s pace including lunch which took him an hour to eat.   O decided not to nap and went through 3 changes of clothes aswell as being sick on me twice resulting in three different tops for me (washing pile mounting).

I know as parents we all love our kids to bits, they are amazing and bring us incredible amounts of joy.  It’s just there are some days when a day at the office would be easier, more peaceful, less tiring and less stressful, and did I mention cleaner!

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  1. Jodie
    October 4, 2015 at 1:28 pm (1 year ago)

    I couldn’t agree more. Being told to “leave the washing/hoovering/dishes” is the worst piece of parenting advice ever. You end up with no cups, no clothes and unidentifiable crumbs all over the floor. And then still have to do it all anyway!
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