The big one is a chatterbox and he asks a ton of questions.  I thought I would turn the tables, and for a bit of fun ask him the questions that have been doing the rounds on Face Book. Plus I love a band wagon 😉


My turn to ask the questions:

The Big One

The one doing the answering

Age 5 and three-quarters


What is something mummy always says to you?

Time to get out of the bath


What makes mummy happy?

Watching videos on my camera


What makes mummy sad?

Stubbing her toe

I do this a lot


How does mummy make you laugh?

Tickling me


What was mummy like as a child?

A baby


How old is mummy?

Ninetyonethirty.  No I mean 35

36, but I’ll take that!


How tall is mummy?

About this short *holds his hand to his own head level

I know I’m a short arse, but he’s not taller than me yet!


What is her favourite thing to do?

Go on scary rides like a ghost train

I have no idea where this came from!


What does mummy do when your not around?

Feed O

(His baby brother)


If your mummy becomes famous what will it be for?

Reading the news on TV

Move over Natasha Kaplinsky.


What is your mummy really good at?

Feeding O

Surely I have more talents then feeding a baby!


What is your mummy not really good at?

Sitting Still


What does your mummy do for a job?

Works on the computer


What is your mummy’s favourite food?


That’s his favourite, not mine!


What makes you proud of your mummy?

If she rode a horse

If mummy was a character who would she be?

Wonder Woman

Well, you know, if the cape fits…


What do you and mummy do together?

Go out on buses



How are you and mummy the same?

We both have a nose


How are you and mummy different?

Mummy doesn’t have a line on her but I do.

He’s referring to his scar from when he cut his head open 🙁


How do you know mummy loves you?

She lets me watch TV


What does mummy like most about Daddy?

He gave her a wedding ring


Where is mummy’s favourite place to go?



How old was mummy when you were born?



Don’t you just love their logic!


What are you small people’s answers?

1 Comment on My Turn to Ask the Questions

  1. Natalie
    May 11, 2016 at 9:42 am (8 months ago)

    I love these sort of things. Their answers are so simple yet the things they come out with are great! I love that you and your son both have noses! 😉


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