I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a while and today Prince Charles has spurred me on.

It has been reported in the press that the Prince of Wales has said he would like a granddaughter this time. I’m sure Kate will get right onto that as soon as she can get her head out of the toilet your Highness.

When we decided to try for baby number two it was exactly that. A baby. We weren’t trying for a girl or a boy because quite frankly how can you?  If I knew the answer to that one I could make a fortune.  We wanted another baby and quite honestly I just wanted a healthy baby I didn’t mind if it was a baby girl or a baby boy.

We didn’t find out what we were having.  We kept it a surprise for both my pregnancies.  I got asked a lot when I was pregnant if I wanted a girl or a boy.  It’s an odd question really, I have no control of the outcome and to say I want one implies I don’t want the other.  When I would reply with ‘I don’t mind’ people would often then say ‘oh but it would be nice to have a girl this time’.  In all honesty it did cross my mind how I would feel if it was another boy, I knew I would love him, but would I feel like I was missing out on not having a daughter?

The answer is no.  When baby O made his entrance I fell head over heels in love with him immediately.  I love my little brood of boys, and whilst there are some things in life that I will not experience not having a daughter, there are equally things I will experience that if baby O had been a girl I would have missed out on.  We can’t experience everything in life.  H was thrilled to have a baby brother, he even told us that he would have cried if we had brought home a girl!  I love the little bond they have already.  So different and so similar all at the same time.

Whilst I do not have a problem with having two boys a lot of people seem to have a problem with me not having a girl.  When O was just a few days old one of our first outings was to drop H at playgroup.  One of the parents peered in at my beautiful little bundle sleeping soundly in his pram and asked ‘what did you have?’ ‘a little boy’ I replied my heart bursting with pride. ‘oh, never mind’ she said.  I was so hurt.  I have a perfect little baby yet people seem to be disappointed that he is a boy!  I frequently get asked ‘are you going to try for a girl next?’. No, No and No.

I love my life.  H running around being a super hero, he permanently has a car of some sort in his hand and he hates the colour pink.  My beautiful happy soul that is baby O will no doubt follow in his brothers footsteps.  They are both alien species to me in so many ways and I learn something from them every day.  Boys think so differently to us girls.  I’m not sure I’ll ever find farts as funny as H, O or L for that matter but I can’t imagine my life any other way.  It’s me and my boys.

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  1. Ange
    October 3, 2014 at 12:20 pm (2 years ago)

    Lovely. Children are gifts no matter what gender. You are so right. Ignore the strange comments people make.


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